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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconceivablecon‧ceiv‧a‧ble /kənˈsiːvəbəl/ ●○○ AWL adjective  IMAGINEable to be believed or imagined opp inconceivable It is conceivable that you may get full compensation, but it’s not likely. We were discussing the problems from every conceivable angle.conceivably adverb Conceivably, interest rates could rise very high indeed.
Examples from the Corpus
conceivableThe total energy given off is thousands of times more than any conceivable chemical reaction could produce.That left municipal water supply as the sole conceivable justification.A conceivable problem for the Solo is its price - £39,850 is a lot to pay for an unknown quantity.However, there are some conceivable risks of abuse.The quotations go on in this vein for pages on end for every conceivable sort of occupation.And it probably always will, since no conceivable technology can prevent petroleum combustion from producing carbon dioxide.It is conceivable that we could solve all our problems.every conceivableHorses predominate and many types are presented in every conceivable action.The implications of these presuppositions are far-reaching and affect every conceivable aspect of man's life.The Rockets have been backed into every conceivable corner in the playoff penthouse.The Olympic Games organizers are trying to prepare for every conceivable emergency.In our definition, need we take into account every conceivable feeling, thought, attitude, or action?We tried every likely swim for a mile up and downstream, combining every conceivable method.Dry-run testing all systems and sub-systems in every conceivable scenario is fantastically time-consuming.Deion will be invited to speak everywhere, and on every conceivable topic: Deion on Whitewater.Over two hundred kinds of squid are eaten in every conceivable way from raw to pickled.
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