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concern yourself with/about something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconcern yourself with/about somethingconcern yourself with/about somethingformalTAKE PART/BE INVOLVED to become involved in something because you are interested in it or because it worries you He told them not to concern themselves about him. He loved his wife, and concerned himself with her needs and desires. concern
Examples from the Corpus
concern yourself with/about somethingFor several weeks I did not concern myself with any thought of the future.In its pure form, a no-fault system, as its name suggests, does not concern itself with blame.Our country's leaders must concern themselves with environmental protection.By contrast, total quality and continuous improvement concern themselves with improving performance in smaller chunks.The committee will concern itself with matters relating to administration, marketing, finance, playing, development, and public relations.The physical anthropologists concern themselves with the history and distribution of the varieties of mankind considered as species and sub-species.Back in the days when he had yet concerned himself with the world.Burun Khan may have told you that we know of such machines, but do not concern ourselves with them.What has been at stake that we concerned ourselves with this?
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