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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconcernedcon‧cerned /kənˈsɜːnd $ -ɜːrnd/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective  1 involved [not before noun]TAKE PART/BE INVOLVED involved in something or affected by it Divorce is very painful, especially when children are concerned. Some of the farmers concerned suffer particularly from the low prices. We are trying to reach an agreement with all concerned (=everyone who is involved or affected).concerned with all the people concerned with children’s educationconcerned in There was no evidence that he was concerned in any criminal activity.2 worriedWORRIED worried about somethingconcerned about She is concerned about how little food I eat.concerned for He called the police because he was concerned for Gemma’s safety.concerned (that) Pamela was concerned that her schoolwork had deteriorated despite her hard work. The drug came under strong attack from concerned professional observers.see thesaurus at worried3 as far as somebody is concerned4 as far as something is concerned5 think something is important [not before noun]WANT believing that something is importantconcerned with Many politicians are more concerned with power and control than with the good of the people.concerned to do something Mr Quinn is simply concerned to hold on to his job.6 love/careLOVE caring about someone and whether they are happy and healthyconcerned for/about He was genuinely concerned for the children.7 concerned with somebody/something
Examples from the Corpus
concernedThe new economic climate of the late sixteenth century brought advantages and disadvantages so far as the funeral was concerned.This confidence seems unjustified, at least as far as capital asset charging is concerned.World governments are becoming increasingly concerned about rising global temperature levels.I'm very concerned about Veronica. She looks so pale, and she has no appetite.Rescuers are concerned for the safety of two men trapped in the mine.Concerned parents approached the school about the problem.I didn't know enough about any of the personalities concerned to form any views of my own.A TV programme about cruelty to children brought hundreds of letters from concerned viewers.As far as restarting the musical life in Vienna was concerned, we had the problem that the occupying forces often contradicted each other.These tended to portray him as being concerned with little more than his own power.Counselling is concerned with maintaining the quality of life of older people for as long as possible.Face validity reflects the extent to which the test items appear to be concerned with the abilities in question.concerned inEveryone concerned in the incident was questioned by the police.concerned (that)It is recommended that names of intended recipients are shown on a separate heading on the agenda for the meeting concerned.It should be noted at the outset what is the nature of the problem with which we are concerned.This we might call the experimental activity, with the teacher acting as observer manipulating the techniques concerned.Papinian, like Scaevola, is concerned about the lack of clarity in the words.Until relatively recently, organized religion has left environmental protection to environmental activists, concerned scientists and political figures.One set concerned some ants going into a kitchen where there was jelly on the table.His work is intimately concerned with epistemological questions.In the first part of the chapter we deal with those arguments concerned with the impact on the overall level of employment.concerned to do somethingLittle concerned to adopt the tonal idioms of opera for the sake of dramatic expression was Nicolas Bernier.If the Government were concerned to arrive at a proper system, they would accept that fairness was the answer.Those who regard marriage as a religious sacrament may be concerned to convey the seriousness of the undertaking through symbolism and ritual.Far from acting on our evidence, the police seemed more concerned to discredit it.I am concerned to hear that Buklod and its staff have been experiencing harassment.They sometimes seem more concerned to punish those whose products end up on rubbish heaps than to encourage sensible behaviour.Alongside the factual overview for managers, trainers are concerned to sharpen the managers' interpersonal skills.Both have something to offer the financial controller concerned to work out how to support a cost-leadership strategy with his accounting system.concerned for/aboutThe wiretap provision drew opposition this year from liberals and conservatives concerned about expanding government power.He was far more concerned about getting the policies right than about self-advancement.One call came from a mother concerned for her thirteen-year-old daughter.I am very concerned about the chilling effect this could have.Five years ago, increasingly concerned about the environment, he decided to work directly for an environmental group.The Governors were not simply parsimonious: in truth they continued to be deeply concerned about the financial state of the School.San Diego City Council members began getting concerned about the gloomy forecasts about a month ago.But Peter turned back, concerned for the little girl and was gunned down.Your teacher is concerned about your progress in getting your work done.