con‧cerned S1 W1


[not before noun] involved in something or affected by it:
Divorce is very painful, especially when children are concerned.
Some of the farmers concerned suffer particularly from the low prices.
We are trying to reach an agreement with all concerned (=everyone who is involved or affected).
concerned with
all the people concerned with children's education
concerned in
There was no evidence that he was concerned in any criminal activity.


worried about something
concerned about
She is concerned about how little food I eat.
concerned for
He called the police because he was concerned for Gemma's safety.
concerned (that)
Pamela was concerned that her schoolwork had deteriorated despite her hard work.
The drug came under strong attack from concerned professional observers.

as far as somebody is concerned

spoken used to show what someone's opinion on a subject is or how it affects them:
As far as Americans are concerned, a lot of our hotels are below average.
As far as I'm concerned, you can forget about it.

as far as something is concerned

also where something is concerned spoken used to show which subject or thing you are talking about:
As far as traffic is concerned there are no delays at the moment.

think something is important

[not before noun] believing that something is important
concerned with
Many politicians are more concerned with power and control than with the good of the people.
concerned to do something
Mr Quinn is simply concerned to hold on to his job.


caring about someone and whether they are happy and healthy
concerned for/about
He was genuinely concerned for the children.

concerned with somebody/something

if a book, story etc is concerned with a person, subject etc, it is about that subject:
This chapter is concerned with the mental health of older people.
WORD FOCUS: worried WORD FOCUS: worried
similar words: anxious, concerned, apprehensive, uneasy, bothered, preoccupied, stressed (out)

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