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concluding remark/section/stage etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconcluding remark/section/stage etcconcluding remark/section/stage etcLASTthe last remark etc in an event or piece of writing the concluding section of Chapter 6see thesaurus at last concluding
Examples from the Corpus
concluding remark/section/stage etcSection 3.4 provides a rather briefer coverage of internal relationships, whilst section 3.5 contains some concluding remarks.These are points to be returned to in our concluding section.In that case, he may have to tape his concluding remarks before the story is actually over.The concluding section considers the relationship between the external and internal auditor.This concluding section explores selected implications for practice.In the concluding remarks not only the main conclusions related to diffusion and production are summarized.The exhibition will be basically chronological in format with a concluding section of twenty-one drawings.In the concluding section we shall speculate as to why this might have been. 6.
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