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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconcoctioncon‧coc‧tion /kənˈkɒkʃən $ -ˈkɑːk-/ noun [countable]  MIXsomething, especially a drink or food, made by mixing different things, especially things that are not usually combined He sipped the concoction cautiously.
Examples from the Corpus
concoctionHe manufactured a concoction of such awesome vileness that it defies, even now, reasonable description.Jell-O shots are a bizarre concoction of sweet gelatin and vodka.A ravishing dessert tray is proffered after every meal, and selections range from fruit-inspired sweets to insulin-overdrive chocolate concoctions.Marie selects a fantasy concoction for our salad.For a while I was afraid she was going to commit hara-kiri by eating one of her own concoctions.Some true, some half true, some concoctions.These concoctions come out of the microwave very hot.This unlikely concoction was one of the more important pharmacological advances in the history of medicine, albeit for the wrong reasons.
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