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condemnedcon‧demned /kənˈdemd/ adjective [only before noun]  1 SCa condemned person is going to be punished by being killed2 a condemned building is officially not safe to live in or use
Examples from the Corpus
condemnedShe walked through, feeling like a condemned convict.But once a man is condemned, danger is something as simple as power, and money is power.He had watched the prison officers putting the rope around the condemned man's neck.Chin spent the night locked in a jail cell with a condemned man.The state allows no communication with a condemned man.The team even received some compensation in the event of a last-minute reprieve being granted to the condemned person.Council members condemned plans to make universities bid for public money based on the number of students they expected to teach.Here are the kitchens where the condemned prisoner's last meal was prepared.Needless to say, he fails, and she is condemned to be executed.Like Jagger, like Rotten, he is condemned to live out its pantomime for ever.
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