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Date: 1700-1800
Language: Modern Latin
Origin: Latin com- ( COM-) + dominium 'area ruled'


Related topics: Buildings
con‧do‧min‧i‧um [countable] especially American English
1TBB one apartment in a building with several apartments, each of which is owned by the people living in it
2TBB a building containing several of these apartments
types of house: terraced house British English/row house American English one of several houses that are joined together
detached house
British English a house that is not joined to another house
semi-detached house
British English a house that is attached to another house on one side
a small house in the country
British English a small house with one floor
American English a house that is divided into two separate homes
also flat British English a set of rooms where someone lives, which is part of a larger building
/condo American English an apartment in a large building, which is owned by the people who live there
studio apartment
/studio also bedsit British English an apartment with one main room and no separate bedroom

a very large house: mansion, palace, country house British English, stately home British English

someone who sells houses and land: estate agent British English, real estate agent American English, realtor American English

someone who rents a house from another person: tenant

someone who owns a house and rents it to people: landlord, landlady

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