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condorcon‧dor /ˈkɒndɔː $ ˈkɑːndər, -dɔːr/ noun [countable]  HBBa very large South American vulture (=a bird that eats dead animals)
Examples from the Corpus
condorIn practice, eleven Andean condors were raised from a single pair over a period of six years.The egg belongs to one of five known Californian condors that are still mating in the wild.The truly enormous condor, with its wingspread of ten feet, is a tempting target for the idle rifle.But the great condor, sulking on some remote ledge in the fastnesses of its preserve, fails to appear.Papas, maize, alpaca, puma, condors.But the next half-century witnessed the general settlement of California, and by 1900 the condor was fading fast.If they die the whole campaign to save the condor by captive breeding could come under renewed attack.
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