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confederacycon‧fed‧e‧ra‧cy /kənˈfedərəsi/ noun (plural confederacies) [countable]  PPGa confederation
Examples from the Corpus
confederacyIt is possible that it came from the east of the Frankish confederacy, rather than the Rhineland.The great Frankish leader who unified the confederacy into a powerful entity was Clovis, first of the Merovingian kings.A crucial hint of how wide the confederacy of life might spread comes from bacteria themselves.At the same time, there were elements within the confederacy which became increasingly associated with the Roman Empire.
Confederacy, thethe ConfederacyConfederacy, the (also the Confederate States)  in the American Civil War, the southern states of the US, which fought the northern states (the Union) and lost. Their most famous leaders were Jefferson davis and General Robert E. lee.
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