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confessionalcon‧fes‧sion‧al1 /kənˈfeʃənəl/ noun [countable]  RRCa place in a church, usually an enclosed room, where a priest hears people make their confessions
Examples from the Corpus
confessionalBohemian late Gothic forms are included in this Baroque fantasy and there are some good 18C confessionals.And no penitent in a confessional could have unburdened herself more pathetically than did my Maman that afternoon.Why must beds be turned into confessionals.These include the work on the side altars, the four Evangelists in niches in the nave and the confessionals.I was shaking and sweating so much in the confessional I thought I was going to faint.The seal of the confessional is what I work under, at least when it comes to the ladies.His patronage to confessors is attributed to the large crowds he attracted to the confessionals.He had even specified the date of his unwitting confessional.
confessionalconfessional2 adjective  PRIVATE/PERSONALconfessional speech or writing contains private thoughts or feelings that you would normally keep secret
Examples from the Corpus
confessionalIt helps that Isabel is as confessional as she is loquacious.She renders the relationship between the researcher who includes confessional aspects in their accounts and their audience problematic.The confessional boxes stood to one side.The 11 sinuously blended songs of ambient texture and acoustic sensitivity are striking and pure, with a confessional intensity.Just because I don't have a confessional nature doesn't mean that I forget things.
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