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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfetticon‧fet‧ti /kənˈfeti/ noun [uncountable]  XXsmall pieces of coloured paper that you throw into the air over people who have just got married or at events such as parties, parades etc
Examples from the Corpus
confettiMy words have been grubby confetti, faded, tacky, blown far from the wedding feast.The faces blow past in the fog like confetti.Tiny white blossoms patterned the pavement like confetti.I know that an election is coming, but as a conscientious Member I can not treat them as so much confetti.Thousands of pieces of floating debris stretched for 10 miles like a ribbon of confetti on the water.Something resembling hard wood floors is just visible beneath a veil of potting soil and foam rubber confetti.They whooped and cried, they banged pots and pans, they tossed confetti into the air.
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