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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfidantecon‧fi‧dante /ˈkɒnfədænt, ˌkɒnfəˈdænt, -ˈdɑːnt $ ˈkɑːnfədænt/ noun [countable]  SECRETa female confidant
Examples from the Corpus
confidanteMarcel viewed his mother as a confidante and best friend.Gareth Morgan, his deputy and confidante, waited for him in the large office with windows overlooking the City.This fall has been difficult for the two of them, room-mates since their freshman year, best friends and confidantes.As confidante to six offspring, all children of the Sixties, she knows whole worlds unfamiliar to me.Lou was still the goddess of Marchmont Street, his confidante, his regular companion.They had a special role in relation to stock-rearing and stock health and as the confidante and sounding board for the farmers' problems.
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