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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfidingcon‧fid‧ing /kənˈfaɪdɪŋ/ adjective  TELLbehaving in a way that shows you want to tell someone about something that is private or secret Her tone was suddenly confiding.confidingly adverb He leant forward confidingly.
Examples from the Corpus
confidingAll the people José interviewed were amazingly confiding and helpful.Otto was confiding information about Jean-Claude to me.Other research has shown that women with a confiding relationship are much less likely to become depressed.All of the women without a confiding relationship or a job who also experienced one of the other vulnerability factors became depressed.Then other current stresses and supports in the social environment may moderate its consequences, such as outside employment and confiding relationships.Dishonest people would now be free of the salutary fear which alloyed their admiration of the confiding temperament of tradesmen.
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