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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfinedcon‧fined /kənˈfaɪnd/ AWL adjective  1 be confined to somebody/something2 SMALLa confined space or area is one that is very small syn restricted It wasn’t easy to sleep in such a confined space.
Examples from the Corpus
confinedGroundwater in a confined aquifer is compressed elastically, rather like air in a tyre.When water flows out from an artesian well in a confined aquifer, none of the pore space drains completely.It excludes water that will not drain from small pore spaces, saline water, and water in deep confined aquifers.In our confined chamber he seems larger than life, especially standing up.A confined gas exerts a constant pressure on the wall of its container uniformly in all directions.On the other hand, she certainly didn't fancy joining Fen in the confined space between tiller and cabin.The design looks awkward, but feels well-balanced, and does allow the drill to be used in very confined spaces.
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