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confluencecon‧flu‧ence /ˈkɒnfluəns $ ˈkɑːn-/ noun [singular]  1 SG technical the place where two or more rivers flow together2 LIKE/SIMILAR formal a situation in which two or more things combine or happen at the same timeconfluence of a confluence of unhappy events
Examples from the Corpus
confluenceThe Coalition was not really a confluence of parties.The dark area to the south-east of the Colorado/San Juan confluence is Navajo Mountain, which rises to 10388 feet.Between 1805 and 1860, traders built posts at every major confluence along the river.But now it seemed as natural as the confluence of two rivers and needed no words at all.In some ways, the history of the confluence area since white men first came is the history of a binge.The problem which confronted the Government arose out of the confluence of two streams of difficulty.Shortly after breakfast the next morning we reached the confluence of the Alsek.confluence ofthe confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers
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