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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconformitycon‧for‧mi‧ty /kənˈfɔːməti $ -ɔːr-/ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 OBEYbehaviour that obeys the accepted rules of society or a group, and is the same as that of most other people opp non-conformity an emphasis on conformity and controlconformity to conformity to social expectations2 in conformity with something
Examples from the Corpus
conformityBut it can also strike on the potential for tension between bringing out individuality and creating conformity.No administration had directed the Interstate Commerce Commission to order discontinuance of this practice in conformity with the court decisions.They will, in conformity with domestic law and international obligations, continue to take effective measures to this end. 31.For them the key to societal continuity is conformity due to learnt rules of conduct.Greg continued to resist conformity, later becoming a vegetarian.If such conformity had not existed, artists would not have felt such desire to break out from it.At the same time he was capable of strong resistance to conformity.He felt out of place, a nonconformist in a society where conformity was highly prized.
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