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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfrontationcon‧fron‧ta‧tion /ˌkɒnfrənˈteɪʃən $ ˌkɑːn-/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 DISAGREEa situation in which there is a lot of angry disagreement between two people or groups She had stayed in her room to avoid another confrontation.confrontation with/between an ideological confrontation between conservatives and liberals2 FIGHTa fight or battlemilitary/violent/armed confrontation Japan seemed unlikely to risk military confrontation with Russia.
Examples from the Corpus
confrontationThe police were obviously anticipating a confrontation, as they were heavily armed.They sense this could develop into a confrontation between teachers.He fought council demolition moves for 18 months before his fatal confrontation.But poor countries fear confrontation will upset relations with the West.Julia had stayed in her room to avoid any more confrontation.The amicable resolution suggested the reformist president and hard-line parliament may be trying to break their cycle of confrontation and deadlock.Two people were killed and several wounded in the confrontation.In some places, the confrontations are so up close and personal that agents and smugglers are nearly on a first-name basis.The Maggot was growling to himself, relishing the confrontation.An angry Jones was involved in an ugly confrontation with the Middlesbrough bench after Wimbledon conceded a controversial first goal on Saturday.confrontation with/betweenHe is not interested in them sexually, so there is no direct confrontation between him and the newcomer.Whatever the reason, Sullivan was convinced that he would now witness the final confrontation between the two men.That led, however, to more frequent confrontations with police, and protesters reported that they were being beaten nightly.In the face of mounting political and industrial unrest, Asquith may have been anxious to head-off further confrontation with feminists.Beginning with the emergence of preoperational reasoning, arguments and intellectual confrontations with others are a source of cognitive conflict and disequilibrium.There's less confrontation with ecology.They placed a shrew into a social confrontation with another shrew.There was a tense confrontation between Allen and the other commissioners.military/violent/armed confrontationEventually Wayne's patience ran out and in a violent confrontation, Wayne finally threw the smaller Widmark against a wall.The authorities and assailants exchanged fire in a violent confrontation in which Cuenca and police officer Santiago Esparza Astorga were killed.More than 300 people had been arrested after violent confrontations with the security forces in Ain Shams after the policeman's death.Continuing Pictish-Northumbrian military confrontation was a part of the background, therefore, of Osred's reign.The joint declarations precipitated several days of military confrontation between the federal army and republican forces.The occurrence of violent confrontations on campuses and on the streets was no longer primarily confined to the summer months.The imaginary war consisted of a real military confrontation, with real soldiers, real weapons and using real resources.Following the violent confrontation the dump was closed.
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