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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfusedcon‧fused /kənˈfjuːzd/ ●●● S3 adjective  1 CONFUSEDunable to understand or think clearly about what someone is saying or what is happening I’m totally confused. Could you explain that again?confused about If you’re confused about anything, phone me. All the roads looked the same and he felt thoroughly confused.2 CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDnot clear or not easy to understand Witness statements presented a confused picture of the incident. a lot of confused ideasconfusedly /-ˈfjuːzɪdli/ adverbTHESAURUSconfused unable to understand what someone is saying or what is happeningI was rather confused by his question.She gave me a confused look.With the huge range of computers on the market, it’s easy to get confused.She felt hurt and confused when her husband left her.puzzled (also perplexed formal) confused because you cannot understand something, especially because it is different from what you expectThe doctor was puzzled by the man’s symptoms and ordered several further tests.He had a puzzled expression on his face.Ross looked perplexed when the audience laughed.baffled very confused and unable to understand something, even though you have tried hard for a long timeDetectives admit they are baffled by the case.a baffled expressionbewildered /bɪˈwɪldəd $ -ərd/ very confused and surprised when something unusual and unexpected happens to youHe was bewildered to find three policemen at the front door.Bewildered train passengers watched as the man was arrested.At first she was bewildered by all the noise and activity of the city.bemused /bɪˈmjuːzd/ confused and surprised by what has happened, or by what someone has saidLocal residents seem bemused by the sudden arrival of all the tourists.She told him to leave, but he just sat there with a bemused expression.can’t think straight spoken to have difficulty thinking clearly, for example because you are too tired, too busy, or because a lot of things are happening around youI can’t think straight with all this noise going on.
Examples from the Corpus
confusedAlternatively, you can completely rearrange the decor in the tank so that the bully becomes confused.No wonder many of us get confused.When I go back there, my mind grows confused.Every time someone tries to explain the Internet to me, I get even more confused.US policy towards China has always seemed mixed and confused.We're a little confused about what we're supposed to be doing.He looked confused and quite alarmed.The situation in the city centre is getting increasingly confused, and riot police have been told to stand by.Woil looked around him and seemed suddenly confused and unsure of himself.Now I'm totally confused. Can you explain that again?I'm a little confused - could you explain it again?It means admitting sometimes that you are confused, frightened, angry and guilty.But their attention was attracted to the sounds which arose in the background - a sort of confused hammering and shouting.Aunt Clara had been so sharp, so witty, but now she is just a sad, confused old woman.Newspaper reports give a rather confused picture of the state of the economy.confused political thinkingShe felt hurt and confused when her husband left her.confused aboutIf you're confused about anything, phone my office.
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