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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcongenialcon‧ge‧ni‧al /kənˈdʒiːniəl/ adjective  1 NICEpleasant in a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxedcongenial atmosphere/surroundings/environment The department provides a congenial atmosphere for research. Frank was a very congenial colleague.congenial to The summers out here are not congenial to the average North European.2 suitable for something Compost provides congenial conditions for roots to develop.congeniality /kənˌdʒiːniˈæləti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
congenialEliot, who lent the circle considerable prestige, found himself in congenial assorted, and in some cases strange, company.a congenial atmosphereAll the conditions seemed optimal: the congenial company, the wonderful weather, the historic venue.One motive, of course, was his desperate need for some congenial company.At a luxurious hotel he played golf with a very congenial group every morning and tennis most afternoons.Perhaps it still is, for it still winds peacefully between the elm-shaded meadows of the Exe valley past congenial inns.Minnesotans are known for their congenial manner.I had developed a very congenial relationship with my boss, who I discovered was gay also.As options and the means of accessing them have multiplied, change has become a generally congenial rule of modern life.Electricity was flexible and clean, altogether a more congenial source of energy than steam.congenial atmosphere/surroundings/environmentI like to take my pleasures in more congenial surroundings, cara.This phenomenon actually adds greatly to the congenial atmosphere of an agency and encourages friendship and good relations at all levels.
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