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congratulate yourself (on something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcongratulate yourself (on something)congratulate yourself (on something)PROUDto feel pleased and proud of yourself because you have achieved something or something good has happened to you I congratulated myself on my good fortune. congratulate
Examples from the Corpus
congratulate yourself (on something)But the rivalry was friendly enough for all teams to congratulate each other on their performances.On the dais all the boys were congratulating themselves.One by one they congratulated themselves.So both teams can congratulate themselves at doing so much better.The Government are in an extraordinarily poor position to congratulate themselves on an annusmirabilis.The Senior Management team were evidently congratulating themselves on having recruited such an able young lady.San Francisco is not in a position to congratulate itself on the success of its public schools.I do not say this in order to congratulate myself or to put my actions in a better light.
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