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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcongratulationcon‧grat‧u‧la‧tion /kənˌɡrætʃəˈleɪʃən/ ●●● S3 noun  1 congratulations2 [uncountable] when you tell someone that you are happy because they have achieved something or because something nice has happened to them letters of congratulation
Examples from the Corpus
congratulationAmazement and congratulation seemed more in order than reflection.Messages of approval and congratulation poured in from all over the world.I often wonder whether being successful in the ballot is a matter for congratulation or commiseration.His colleagues nearly all wrote letters of glowing congratulation.More than 1,300 letters of congratulation had reached him within 10 days of the Croke Park cup final victory.I had over a thousand letters of congratulation.Indeed, the Prime Minister sent a message of congratulation to President Christiani when the peace agreement was reached.We would then hit each other in a celebration of comedy until the sheer pain of congratulation stopped us.
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