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coniferco‧ni‧fer /ˈkəʊnəfə, ˈkɒ- $ ˈkɑːnəfər/ noun [countable]  HBPa tree such as a pine or fir that has leaves like needles and produces brown cones that contain seeds. Most types of conifer keep their leaves in winter.coniferous /kəˈnɪfərəs $ koʊ-, kə-/ adjective coniferous forests
Examples from the Corpus
coniferIt's classed as being a conifer but it looks nothing like one.Voice over Imaculate conifers dominate this garden.If the conifers win out, then they shade the ground permanently and only mosses can remain.I often see foxes, roe deer and red squirrels in the conifer plantation there.It was just after eleven when I made the conifer where I'd split from Werewolf.Then the conifers would have long since given up their job as nurses to the beeches and ended in a timber yard.We trailed off into the canyons, and pitched tents under the conifers.These were the conifers - pines, larches, cedars, firs and their relations.
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