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conjurercon‧jur‧er, conjuror /ˈkʌndʒərə $ ˈkɑːndʒərər, ˈkʌn-/ noun [countable]  APROMsomeone who entertains people by performing clever tricks in which things seem to appear, disappear, or change by magic syn magician
Examples from the Corpus
conjurerHe came back carrying something draped in a tablecloth which, like a conjurer, he placed on the table.Conchis plucked the muslin away from one of the plates with the quick aplomb of a conjurer.In each painting a conjurer has overstepped his mark.Almost every conjurer who has taken a parti pris in this field has found himself accused of possessing psychic powers.The conjurer would probably put a spell on him, turning him into a toad.
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