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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconnectedcon‧nect‧ed /kəˈnektɪd/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective  1 JOIN something TOGETHERto be joined to something else or joined to a large system or networkconnected to The light is connected to a timer. a computer connected to the Internetconnected by a series of artificial lakes connected by waterfalls2 CONNECTED WITHif two facts, events, people etc are connected, there is some kind of relationship between themconnected with problems connected with drug abuse everyone connected with the film industry Mr Edelson was closely connected with Trinity College.see thesaurus at related3 well connected
Examples from the Corpus
connectedPolice are investigating whether the three shootings are connected.The two continents were once connected.Their tracks met those of the company end on but were not connected.a politically connected businessmanWhiter illustrates his point by showing how the conditions of Elizabethan dramatic presentation reinforced the use of certain repeatedly connected images.The evaluation runs mentioned above indicate that the results with mid-class representations do not hold for connected speech.It is, nevertheless, possible for the application back end to which CLE-I is connected to override this ordering.Soot was first connected with cancer by a London doctor in 1774.connected toWhat's this cord connected to?The incident did not appear to be connected to any political cause.closely connectedThe two ideas are closely connected , and should be dealt with together.So we can see how closely connected are self-esteem and aggression in horses.The T and G is a weathervane union closely connected to the Labour Party leadership.Equally Leudast's position in Tours was closely connected with changing royal control of the city.It is not isolated but closely connected with contemporary movements.A long-term irritant to the police has been the ongoing allegation that some officers have been closely connected with freemasonry.Although the party had a strong aristocratic and agricultural interest, by the 1930s it was becoming closely connected with industry.Green politics are closely connected with the emergence of a critical consumer movement.
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