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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconnectednesscon‧nect‧ed‧ness /kəˈnektədnəs/ noun [uncountable]  1 the feeling people have that they are members of a group in society and that they share particular qualities with other members of that group Human beings have a need for both independence and connectedness.2 the degree to which people are connected by electronic technology such as the Internet and emailconnectedness between/with Computers have increased the connectedness between physicians and patients.
Examples from the Corpus
connectednessWe cherish roots, family and connectedness.Without loving contact in infancy and early childhood, a sense of human connectedness may never materialize.The girl compensates for her loss by maintaining connectedness with others.Education should expand the sense of connectedness a young child feels with the world.She appears to appropriate traditional humanist interests in social connectedness and caring specifically for women.However welcome it may be, it is hard to believe that it has had no impact on social connectedness.I could say I was trying to grab some connectedness for myself.People aware of their connectedness can build both compassion and strength.connectedness between/withThe girl compensates for her loss by maintaining connectedness with others.Thus, on a Lacanian view, self-insufficiency becomes synonymous with the illusory nature of connectedness with others.
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