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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconnoisseurcon‧nois‧seur /ˌkɒnəˈsɜː $ ˌkɑːnəˈsɜːr/ noun [countable]  KNOW somethingsomeone who knows a lot about something such as art, food, or music a wine connoisseurconnoisseur of Fry was a connoisseur of Renaissance art.see thesaurus at expert
Examples from the Corpus
connoisseurOne need only be a connoisseur.The wine would have delighted a connoisseur.He was a connoisseur of beans.Lord Burlington was a great collector and connoisseur of paintings.But motorists, explorers and connoisseurs of beauty will follow the usual route departing along the A.83s.The golden chanterelle, as it is commonly known, is a favorite among mushroom connoisseurs.Many knowing rabbit connoisseurs and hunters prize simple fried rabbit.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconnoisseurcon‧nois‧seur /ˌkɒnəˈsɜːˌkɑːnəˈsɜːr/ noun [countable] someone who knows a lot about something such as art, wine etcan art historian and connoisseur of drawings
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