Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: conquerre, from Latin conquirere 'to look for, collect', from com- ( COM-) + quaerere 'to ask, search'


Related topics: Other Sports, Military
1 [intransitive and transitive]PM to get control of a country by fighting:
The Normans conquered England in 1066.
Egypt was conquered by the Persian king Kambyses.
2 [intransitive and transitive] to defeat an enemy:
The Zulus conquered all the neighbouring tribes.
3 [transitive] to gain control over something that is difficult, using a lot of effort
conquer your nerves/fear
She was determined to conquer her fear of flying.
efforts to conquer inflation
drugs to conquer the disease
4 [transitive]DSODLO to succeed in climbing to the top of a mountain when no one has ever climbed it before:
an attempt to conquer the peaks of Everest
5 [transitive] to become very successful in a place:
In the last few years, the company has succeeded in conquering the European market.
conqueror noun [countable]
conquering adjective:
conquering heroes

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