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conquestcon‧quest /ˈkɒŋkwest $ ˈkɑːŋ-/ ●○○ noun  1 [singular, uncountable]PM the act of getting control of a country by fighting the Norman Conquest (=the conquest of England by the Normans)conquest of the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empiresee thesaurus at victory2 [countable]PM land that is won in a war French conquests in Asia3 [countable]SEX/HAVE SEX WITH someone that you have persuaded to love you or to have sex with you – often used humorously He boasts about his many conquests.4 CONTROL[countable] when you gain control of or deal successfully with something that is difficult or dangerousconquest of the conquest of space
Examples from the Corpus
conquestThe palace was built in Cordoba, Spain, following the Arab conquest.Cis was also his first conquest.Was it only a desire for conquest?He went downstairs, finished his column, then shaved and bathed and went out to the office ripe for conquest.His conquests transformed the ancient world and ushered in the Hellenistic age of great monarchies.military conquestsThey were the legates of conquest.In this first phase of conquest, the Arabs created an Empire and a State, but not yet a civilization.History is the story of conquest.It arose from the recent conquest of the northern coastal area as far as Anglesey by his friend Hugh, earl of Chester.These men seek power through sexual conquests.The Roman legions left, opening the way for the conquest of the British Isles by the Germanic tribes.conquest ofthe Muslim conquest of Egyptthe conquest of space
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