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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconscientiouscon‧sci‧en‧tious /ˌkɒnʃiˈenʃəs◂ $ ˌkɑːn-/ ●○○ adjective  CAREFULcareful to do everything that it is your job or duty to do A conscientious teacher may feel inclined to take work home. a conscientious and hard-working studentconscientiously adverbconscientiousness noun [uncountable] his conscientiousness and loyalty to the company
Examples from the Corpus
conscientiousHis previous employer describes him as honest, hard-working and conscientious.Surely such a conscientious accomplishment should prove a lifesaver for thousands of animals throughout the world.I wish everyone was as conscientious as you are about getting to work on time.We have made a very conscientious effort to reduce spending.His wife Fenella told the Huntingdon inquest her husband had been extremely conscientious in his 18 years with Barclays.He's very conscientious, it's just he doesn't have much of a bedside manner.After his baptism, Martin advanced to the battle-field as a conscientious objector.By contrast, Simpson said he himself was a studious and conscientious straight-arrow.She was a very conscientious student and attended all her lectures.Was this the conscientious swimming coach speaking, or was there something else behind those words?No doubt a conscientious worker; no doubt a good husband and father; but totally unremarkable.a conscientious worker
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