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conscious effort/decision/attempt etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconscious effort/decision/attempt etcconscious effort/decision/attempt etcDELIBERATELYan effort etc that is deliberate and intended Vivien had made a conscious effort to be friendly. conscious
Examples from the Corpus
conscious effort/decision/attempt etcAccepting our human limitations in these high-pressure times, though, takes conscious effort.Other subjects - like calculus or computing - can not be learned without some conscious effort.It's a conscious decision and I think it's important that men understand a woman who is offering an alternative lifestyle.In both examples, a conscious attempt has been made-to segment the market. 11.And each time the child has to make a new conscious effort like that, there is an opportunity to lose concentration.I made a conscious decision to do more than persevere in the remaining years I have with my voice.Just lately I have made a conscious effort to really look at the book.What varies, and varies dramatically, is the conscious effort with which they are identified and undertaken.
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