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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsecutivecon‧sec‧u‧tive /kənˈsekjətɪv/ ●●○ adjective  SERIESconsecutive numbers or periods of time follow one after the other without any interruptions opp non-consecutive It had rained for four consecutive days. Can they win the title for the third consecutive season?consecutively adverb Number the pages consecutively.
Examples from the Corpus
consecutiveYou must get a doctor's certificate if you're off work sick for more than three consecutive days.He asks his patients to fill it out for seven to ten consecutive days.In one case a signaller worked 30 consecutive days.The Sharks have lost 10 consecutive games.Fifty consecutive referrals in 1988 were compared with 50 consecutive referrals in 1990 with respect to demographic characteristics and patterns of drug misuse.Napoleon Kaufman, making his third consecutive start, certainly wants to touch the ball more frequently.He was sentenced to another month in prison to run consecutive to his current term of detention.There are golfers who have dominated certain events with consecutive victories.The company has made a profit for seven consecutive years.
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