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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsequencecon‧se‧quence /ˈkɒnsəkwəns $ ˈkɑːnsə-kwens/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun  1 [countable]RESULT something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditionsconsequence of Many believe that poverty is a direct consequence of overpopulation.consequence for Our findings have far-reaching consequences for researchers.with ... consequences He ate some poisonous mushrooms, with fatal consequences.see thesaurus at result2 as a consequence (of something)/in consequence (of something)3 of little/no/any etc consequenceCOLLOCATIONSverbsbe a consequence of somethingLow energy may be a consequence of sleeping badly.have consequencesTaking financial risks can have serious consequences.accept/take the consequences (=understand and deal with them)I’m prepared to accept the consequences of my decision.face/suffer the consequences (=accept the bad results of something you have done)He broke the law, and he will have to face the consequences.consequences follow (=happen)Once the decision has been made, consequences follow.consider the consequences (=think what might happen as a result of something)She jumped into the river without considering the consequences.escape the consequences (=avoid them)I knew I’d made a mistake and that I couldn’t escape the consequences.adjectivesthe possible/likely consequencesWhat are the likely consequences of these changes?an inevitable consequence (=that you cannot avoid)Loss of mobility is not an inevitable consequence of old age.serious consequences (=bad and important)Too much fishing in these seas has had serious consequences.disastrous/dire consequences (=very bad and damaging)If temperatures continue to rise, it could have disastrous consequences for agriculture.an important consequenceThis discovery was an important consequence of his research.social/political/economic consequencesThe rise in food prices has had enormous economic and political consequences.a direct consequence of something (=a consequence directly caused by something)The spread of information has been a direct consequence of the Internet.a natural/logical consequence (=that naturally/logically follows something)Obviously disappointment is a natural consequence of defeat.a negative consequence (=a bad or unpleasant result)the negative consequences of drinking too much alcoholan adverse/unfortunate consequence (=that affects your life, a situation etc badly)Divorce often has unfortunate consequences for children.tragic consequences (=very sad, usually involving death)Someone dropped a burning cigarette, with tragic consequences.far-reaching consequences (=important and affecting many things)The new law is sure to have far-reaching consequences.long-term consequences (=results that last a long time, or appear after a long time)If you smoke it may have long-term consequences.
Examples from the Corpus
consequenceThe outcome of the election is, at least in simple majority systems, a direct arithmetic consequence of the individual votes cast.Safety procedures had been ignored, with disastrous consequences.It is important to bear in mind that these financial consequences have, until very recently, remained largely hidden.One consequence was to usher in a period of marked discretion in personal expenditure.If river levels continue to rise, it will have very serious consequences for many people's homes.This form of destitution in the midst of plenty is not only morally obscene; it has social consequences which affect everyone.Except the consequences are completely predictable.People who run up big debts eventually have to face the consequences.This was her final act of spite, to take the piece and leave Paige to face the consequences.We are very much aware of the consequences our actions will have.After the closing of its distribution centers led to organizational disaster, the firm did its best to minimize these consequences.Ignoring safety procedures can have potentially tragic consequences.Pain and illness are sometimes thought to be the unavoidable consequences of growing old.with ... consequencesThey have already been persuaded that an injustice has been done, and they have had to cope with the consequences.S 92 deals with the consequences of contravening the pre-emption rights the Act confers.The electric light was an invention with profound existential consequences.We live with its consequences today.The Astropath must suddenly appear to be possessed - with lethal consequences.We also know that impacts very much larger than a gigaton are possible, with devastating consequences.They may catch other infections such as measles or chicken-pox, with serious consequences due to their deficient immune system.What is significant is that vast organizational conglomerates suddenly found themselves saddled with the consequences of years of exclusionary and inbred policies.
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