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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsequentlycon‧se‧quent‧ly /ˈkɒnsəkwəntli $ ˈkɑːnsə-kwentli/ ●●○ AWL adverb [sentence adverb]  SO/CONSEQUENTLYas a result syn therefore Most computer users have never received any formal keyboard training. Consequently, their keyboard skills are inefficient. The molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream and consequently affect the organs.
Examples from the Corpus
consequentlyThe grass in the centre was consequently beaten down and dry.Both companies consequently emphasized providing leadership, developing subordinates, and maintaining long-term partnerships with clients.He consequently had to remain solely on his own surface, looking outward for sustenance.Less apparent on Mercedes' stand - and consequently ignored by most show visitors - was a prototype 190 electric car.It is precisely there that they considered themselves the most competent and consequently interfered in all spheres of its life.The book has no narrator or main character. Consequently, it lacks a traditional plot.The continents and other landmasses perch on top of the plates, and consequently likewise move relative to each other.Thoreau, consequently, moves toward the other end of the scale.There was no fighting and consequently no casualties.The dispute be-came, consequently, the subject of a lawsuit.
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