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conservatismcon‧ser‧va‧tis‧m /kənˈsɜːvətɪzəm $ -ɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]  1 CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTdislike of change and new ideas people’s innate conservatism in matters of language2 (also Conservatism)PPG the political belief that society should change as little as possible3 Conservatism
Examples from the Corpus
conservatismIt also suggests a unity of interest between the various forces of finance and conservatism.Working-class conservatism and Conservatism is a well known phenomenon.There was a strong strain of Anglophilia in the Alsop clan, and a consistent devotion to the politics of moderate conservatism.Perhaps the most interesting response to the plight of modern conservatism comes from the cultural reformers.What do you think is the most sensible assumption and the most questionable assumption of conservatism?There are different depths of conservatism possible.They like the Pope's policy of conservatism on religious doctrine.Increasingly that view is regarded as retro, the old conservatism rather than the new.The Declaration of Rights itself was couched in the language of political conservatism.
ConservatismConservatismPPGthe political beliefs of the British Conservative Party conservatismFrom Longman Business Dictionaryconservatismcon‧ser‧va‧tis‧m /kənˈsɜːvətɪzəm-ɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]1ECONOMICSunwillingness to take unnecessary risksThe company’s conservatism extends as well to capital spending.2ACCOUNTING the principle of being careful not to state an asset value, profit etc to be bigger, or a loss to be smaller, than it actually might be
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