Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: considerer, from Latin considerare 'to look at the stars, look at closely, examine', from com- ( COM-) + sidus 'star'


con‧sid‧er S1 W1

think about

[intransitive and transitive] to think about something carefully, especially before making a choice or decision
consider doing something
I seriously considered resigning (=almost actually resigned).
consider the possibility of (doing) something
Have you considered the possibility of retraining?
consider whether (to do something)
We are considering whether to change our advice to tourists.
consider where/how/why etc
We're still considering where to move to.
We will have to consider your offer carefully.
be considering your position formal (=be deciding whether or not to leave your job)


[transitive] to think of someone or something in a particular way or to have a particular opinion
consider (that)
The local authority considered that the school did not meet requirements.
consider somebody/something (to be) something
A further increase in interest rates is now considered unlikely.
Liz Quinn was considered an excellent teacher.
They consider themselves to be Europeans.
I consider it a great honour to be invited.
consider it necessary/important etc to do something
I did not consider it necessary to report the incident.
consider somebody/something to do something
The campaign was considered to have failed.
consider yourself lucky/fortunate (=believe you are lucky etc)
Consider yourself lucky you weren't in the car at the time.
consider yourself (to be) something (=think of yourself as a particular type of person)
They consider themselves to be middle class.

people's feelings

[transitive] to think about someone or their feelings, and try to avoid upsetting them [↪ considerate]:
You've got to learn to consider other people!
Have you considered my feelings?

important fact

[intransitive and transitive] to think about an important fact relating to something when making a judgment [↪ considering]:
It's not surprising when you consider that he only arrived 6 months ago.
All things considered, I'm sure we made the right decision.


[transitive] to discuss something such as a report or problem, so that you can make a decision about it:
The committee has been considering the report.

look at

[transitive] formal to look at someone or something carefully:
Ben considered the statue with an expert eye.

Consider it done

spoken used to say yes very willingly when someone asks you to do something for them:
'Could you drive me to the airport tomorrow?' 'Consider it done.'

➔ all things considered

at thing2

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