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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsiderablecon‧sid‧er‧a‧ble /kənˈsɪdərəbəl/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective  BIGfairly large, especially large enough to have an effect or be importantinconsiderableconsiderable amount/number etc of something We’ve saved a considerable amount of money. Michael has already spent considerable time in Barcelona. issues of considerable importance The series has aroused considerable interest.see thesaurus at big
Examples from the Corpus
considerableThe difference between the two descriptions is considerable.Recent evidence suggests considerable activity on this front.A considerable amount of research was done here by our science department.Such problems received considerable attention at this time; it is clear that nothing was being taken for granted.The cost of these complex operations is considerable but poorly known.There was a considerable delay in the processing of our application.Where constipation is the predominant symptom, there may be considerable discomfort which again is damaging to morale.She moves discreetly but with considerable effect on occasion.Attracting tourists to the area is going to take considerable effort.The recent slowdown in the US economy is likely to have a considerable impact on the rest of the world.It will have considerable importance for us later.Of course Jack knew that he was taking a considerable risk sitting openly in a restaurant with her.There was considerable variation between countries and between industries.considerable amount/number etc of somethingAt first the arrival of considerable numbers of Benn-recruited Right-Ons in moribund inner-city Labour Party branches went unnoticed.Ordinary people have lost a considerable amount of confidence in the authorities.There is also a considerable amount of evidence to indicate that patients themselves see communication as a crucial part of their care.Research leaves no doubt that a considerable amount of in-house use takes place.For example the efficiency of labour would appear to take up some considerable amount of their time.A considerable amount of time and money has been spent in pursuing the study of river basin dynamics.A&E staff spend a considerable amount of time in this type of work.The remainder are bound to be increasingly affected by the absence from the shelves of a considerable number of titles.
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