con‧sid‧e‧ra‧tion S1 W2
1 [uncountable] formal careful thought and attention, especially before making an official or important decision:
proposals put forward for consideration
under consideration
There are several amendments under consideration.
due/serious/proper etc consideration
After due consideration, I have decided to tender my resignation.
give something careful/full etc consideration
We would have to give serious consideration to banning it altogether.
deserve/merit consideration
These plans definitely merit further consideration.

take something into consideration

to remember to think about something important when you are making a decision or judgement:
We will take your recent illness into consideration when marking your exams.
3 [countable] a fact that you think about when you are making a decision:
Political rather than economic considerations influenced the location of the new factory.
4 [uncountable] the quality of thinking about other people's feelings and being careful not to upset them
consideration for
The murdered woman's name has not been released, out of consideration for her parents.
Show some consideration!
5 [singular, uncountable] formal a payment for something, especially a service:
I might be able to help you, for a small consideration.
a payment in consideration of (=as payment for) their services

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