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consignmentcon‧sign‧ment /kənˈsaɪnmənt/ noun  1 [countable]BBT a quantity of goods that are sent somewhere, especially in order to be soldconsignment of a large consignment of clothes2 on consignment3 [uncountable]BBT when someone sends or delivers something
Examples from the Corpus
consignmentIts inhabitants quiver with curiosity whenever the desert train discharges a consignment of tourists.It seems, Freddie as he's been named, stowed away with a consignment of bananas from the Windward Islands.The sale also included consignments from other owners.And yet the Customs service cleared the consignment for landing in Constanta.The consignment note is not a negotiable instrument, nor is it a document of title.The whole consignment, Carmichael says, must filter down into as many pairs of hands as possible.consignment ofa consignment of 5000 tons of rice
From Longman Business Dictionaryconsignmentcon‧sign‧ment /kənˈsaɪnmənt/ written abbreviation consgt noun1[countable]TRANSPORT a quantity of goods delivered at the same timeSixty eggs are removed from each consignment and tested for salmonella.consignment ofA large consignment of weapons was unloaded from the ship.2[countable, uncountable]COMMERCE goods given to someone acting for the owner, who must either sell them or return them to the ownerInstead of selling him your goods, you can let him have them on consignment. This means he gets physical possession of the goods but you keep legal title.
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