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consortiumcon‧sor‧ti‧um /kənˈsɔːtiəm $ -ɔːr-/ ●○○ noun (plural consortia /-tiə/ or consortiums) [countable]  BBBa group of companies or organizations who are working together to do something a consortium of oil companies The aircraft will be built by a European consortium.
Examples from the Corpus
consortiumThe bid was made by a consortium headed by Sir James Goldsmith through a specially created company called Hoylake.The cost of making the programs was shared by a consortium of six public television stations.It was hoped that sale of the stake would benefit the consortium.The consortium is accused of depositing more than $ 1.4m in Mr Sole's accounts over three years.Anyway, my father and his theatrical consortium have always been great fans of Trumpton.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconsortiumcon‧sor‧ti‧um /kənˈsɔːtiəm-ɔːr-/ noun (plural consortiums or consortia /-tiə/) [countable]COMMERCE a combination of several companies, banks etc working together for a particular purpose, for example in order to buy something or build something SYN SYNDICATEthe consortium of 10 British and French construction firms who built the Channel tunnel
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