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conspicuous consumption

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconspicuous consumptionconˌspicuous conˈsumption noun [uncountable]  the act of buying a lot of things, especially expensive things that are not necessary, in order to impress other people and show them how rich you are
Examples from the Corpus
conspicuous consumptionBut one can only take just so much wretched excess and conspicuous consumption.Even so, a significant number of takeover bids were probably no more than a form of corporate conspicuous consumption.Foreign imports such as colour television sets and hi-fi systems cram shop windows, catering to demands for conspicuous consumption.What better forum for conspicuous consumption than the locker-room or the golf club car-park?The emergence of stratified societies culminating in states increased conspicuous consumption of precious substances.The creative ones turned their backs on conspicuous consumption and decided in favor of a simpler, personalized lifestyle.Similarly, conspicuous consumption or display is now regarded as an acceptable form of behaviour.They're young and poor and the patriarchal culture they inherit and the conspicuous consumption of their contemporaries sanctions their irresponsibility.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconspicuous consumptionconˌspicuous conˈsumptionECONOMICS when consumers buy expensive goods to impress people and show how rich they areCustomers might view the purchase of a $300 bottle of wine as conspicuous consumption. consumption
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