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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconstancycon‧stan‧cy /ˈkɒnstənsi $ ˈkɑːn-/ AWL noun [uncountable] formal  1 SAMEthe quality of staying the same even though other things changeconstancy of constancy of temperature2 FAITHFULloyalty and faithfulness to a particular person syn devotion
Examples from the Corpus
constancyA parenting network can create a constancy of love one person can not generate.It will be a long, slow and tedious process requiring patience and constancy of purpose.As a woman who had chosen not to marry, Leapor looked for constancy primarily in relation to friendship.Nor has this heroic constancy been exceptional, limited to a few chosen souls.Very few people have a career of great longevity, constancy and consistency in films.Second, stability does not imply fixity or constancy.As for size constancy it is linked with the coordination of perceptually controlled movements.Believing in the other person - extending trust - helps to create and sustain constancy and trustworthiness.
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