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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconstantcon‧stant1 /ˈkɒnstənt $ ˈkɑːn-/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL adjective  1 CONTINUOUShappening regularly or all the time syn continual There was a constant stream of visitors to the house. Amy lived in constant fear of being attacked. He kept in constant contact with his family while he was in Australia.2 SAMEstaying the same opp inconstant travelling at a constant speed3 literaryFAITHFUL loyal and faithful syn devoted a constant friend
Examples from the Corpus
constantThey were firing an almost constant barrage around the perimeter.I reckoned they would be better off not being involved in our constant battles.A newborn baby needs constant care and attention.The refugees lived in constant fear of being attacked.People under the regime lived in constant fear.Unemployment is likely to remain more or less constant for the next two years.It took away the normal drudgery of long flights with little radio contact and constant headings.The winds are constant in winter.We should expect to see networks wherever we see constant irregular change, and we do.We live next door to a busy street and there is always a constant level of noise in the background.The number of deaths from road accidents has remained constant over the last five years.Lehman is in constant pain, and suffers from a severe form of arthritis.He suffered constant pain in the months before his death.It was important to try to maintain a constant pressure in both the fuel and oxidizer tanks during the flight.The movements may vary from hardly noticeable choreiform twitches or dystonic posturings to nearly constant restless activity of extremities and trunk.There it restores constant returns to scale; it does not do so in our case.She has learned to put up with the constant roar of trucks and cars whizzing by.The whole process required constant skilled attention.You save more gas if you drive at a constant speed.The patient must be kept under constant supervision.It is important to store wine at a constant temperature.constant stream ofCook drove clumsily, keeping up a constant stream of chatter.I always wondered where her constant stream of men came from.Did he want to work with the same people over a period of time or have a constant stream of new ones?Her clinic at the John Radcliffe hospital has a constant stream of parents wanting help.The constant stream of praise burbling in the background of the class swelled into shouts of rapture.The Count rallied his forces in Bechafen where the constant stream of refugees meant lean rations and poor quarters for all.A constant stream of spoken advice and directions that this child is less able to comprehend will thereby exaggerate her difficulty.A constant stream of strangers roamed the neighborhoods.
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constantconstant2 ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 HM technical a number or quantity that never changes2 formalSAME something that stays the same even though other things change variable2
Examples from the Corpus
constantThe important aspect of sample heterogeneity and sampling error is adequately considered and homogeneity constants and nugget effects are discussed.Through it all, there was one constant.The only constant linking it all is that it qualifies as, for lack of a better term, neat.Scientists were satisfied with this figure, and the constant was left undisturbed until 1975.This constant is important because it fixes the sizes, period and energy of an electron's orbit in an atom.
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