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constipationcon‧sti‧pa‧tion /ˌkɒnstəˈpeɪʃən $ ˌkɑːn-/ noun [uncountable]  MIthe condition of having difficulty in getting rid of solid waste from your bodydiarrhoeaconstipated /ˈkɒnstɪpeɪtɪd $ ˈkɑːn-/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
constipationThese leftovers, the ketones, not only cause bad breath but constipation, nausea, and weakness as well.If you suffer from constipation, perhaps you are clinging to the past?Child may wet the bed and have constipation.The value of bran, psyllium, and other bulking materials is well established in the treatment of constipation.This was done to be sure that the constipation was and would be adequately treated.Where constipation comes on suddenly, or there is blood in the stools, always ask for medical advice.There were no manometric features in the fasting motility that differentiated the patients without constipation from those with neuropathy and constipation.
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