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con‧struc‧tion S3 W2

building something

[uncountable]TI the process of building things such as houses, bridges, roads etc
construction of
the construction of a new airport
under construction (=being built)
The hotel is currently under construction.
a road construction project
construction workers

making something from many parts

[uncountable]TI the process of making something using many parts:
Work out the exact design before you start construction.

way something is made

[uncountable] the materials used to build or make something, or its design and structure:
The houses were partly timber in construction.
External doors should be of robust construction.

a building/structure

[countable] formal something that has been built:
a modern construction


[countable]SLG the way in which words are put together in a sentence, phrase etc:
difficult grammatical constructions


[uncountable] the process of forming something from knowledge or ideas:
the construction of sociological theory

put a construction on something

formal to think that a statement has a particular meaning or that something was done for a particular reason:
The judge put an entirely different construction on his remarks.
constructional adjective

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