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consulcon‧sul /ˈkɒnsəl $ ˈkɑːn-/ noun [countable]  PGOa government official sent to live in a foreign city to help people from his or her own country who are living or staying thereambassador the British Consul in Parisconsular /ˈkɒnsjələ $ ˈkɑːnsələr/ adjective a consular official
Examples from the Corpus
consulIt's like that Roman Emperor who made his horse into a consul.He's like an old Roman consul snorting at the follies of the government.Molly Williamson, the U.S. Consul in East JerusalemNo one had any record of a request from the consul general for interviews.It was the consul, of course, who had to be willing.The consul can accompany a victim when dealing with police and provide an interpreter.The consul looked at her so gratefully I think he forgot I was in the room.The consul said the papers would take time to prepare.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconsulcon‧sul /ˈkɒnsəlˈkɑːn-/ (also Consul) noun [countable] a representative of a government who lives in a foreign country in order to help and protect the citizens of their own country who go there, and to do work connected with trade between the two countriesThe British consul advised all British visitors to return home.consular adjectivea consular officialconsular fees
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