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consultationcon‧sul‧ta‧tion /ˌkɒnsəlˈteɪʃən $ ˌkɑːn-/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]DISCUSS a discussion in which people who are affected by or involved in something can give their opinionsconsultation with The decision was reached after consultation with parents and teachers.consultation between He’s calling for urgent consultations between the government and the oil industry to resolve the problem.in consultation with somebody The plans were drawn up in consultation with engineers.consultation process/exercise/period There will be a public consultation exercise to ask for people’s views.consultation paper/document2 [countable]MNMEET a meeting with a professional person, especially a doctor, for advice or treatment A follow-up consultation was arranged for two weeks’ time.3 ADVISE[uncountable] the process of getting advice from a professional person Trained parenting experts are available for consultation by telephone.4 [uncountable]LOOK FOR the process of looking for information or help in a book Leaflets were regularly displayed for consultation by students.COLLOCATIONSverbshold a consultationFurther consultations will be held with local residents.begin a consultationFrench and German officials began consultations with officials from the other four nations.require consultation formal (=need consultation)Any decision on military action would require consultation.adjectivespublic consultation (=asking for for ordinary people's views)The first public consultations considered environmental and health issues.full consultation (=including all the details of something)No decision will be made until there has been full consultation with farmers.prior consultation (=happening before something is done)New educational policies should be based on prior consultation with teachers.proper consultationHas there been proper consultation with the local communities?further consultationIt is recommended that further consultation should take place.close consultation (=in which people, groups etc discuss something carefully together)The changes followed close consultation with government officials.wide/widespread/extensive consultation (=involving a lot of people, groups etc)Strong recommendations were made after wide consultation.joint consultation (=involving two different groups)Committees can be used for joint consultation between employers and employees.formal consultation (=organized in a formal way)Better methods of formal consultation are needed.consultation + NOUNa consultation paper/document (=a formal report on a subject that needs to be discussed)He produced a consultation document on public transport proposals for the city.the consultation process/periodan eight-week consultation processa consultation exercise (=an activity that involves getting people's opinions on something)The public consultation exercise was undertaken to gauge public reaction.
Examples from the Corpus
consultationSchweitzer took her daughter to the Mayo Clinic for a consultation.The launch follows 12 months of development and consultation with students and academics.He urged "dialogue and consultation" to end the crisis.The design of each of the new qualifications is currently being subjected to intensive scrutiny and consultation.Trained parenting experts are available for consultation by phone.Nor could reports be produced necessarily with much consultation in the holiday period.However, the Commission operates much more like a diplomatic than an administrative authority with a strong emphasis on consultation and conciliation.At one point, when no physical problem that might cause the vomiting had been found, a psychiatric consultation was requested.The five-year agreement provided for regular consultations between the two ministries and supreme military commands.Over 3,000 individuals and organisations are involved with the consultation.consultation paper/documentThe whole issue was then revived by a consultation paper published by the government in February 1985 which led to further legislation.He rejected an initial request for a meeting, indicating that a consultation paper would soon be released.Given the subject covered by the consultation paper, we are rather concerned not to have been notified of its existence.The report goes on to offer an update on progress implementing the consultation document Supporting doctors, protecting patients.Page 2 of the consultation paper refers to the guidelines that the Government considered for the new council tax.None of the papers commented on the consultation paper dealing with contracting.Mr Foster says the consultation document fails to acknowledge the tradition of free access to mountain and hill country.The consultation paper refers to accountability.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconsultationcon‧sul‧ta‧tion /ˌkɒnsəlˈteɪʃənˌkɑːn-/ noun1[countable, uncountable] a discussion in which people can give their opinions, before a decision is madeFollowing extensive consultation with staff, the company introduced a new salary structure.The plans for the supermarket were drawn up in consultation with local residents.a consultation document2[countable] a meeting with a professional person for advice or treatmentHe was only allowed one brief consultation with his lawyers on the morning before the trial began.
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