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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsumablescon‧sum‧a‧bles /kənˈsjuːməbəlz $ -ˈsuːm-/ noun [plural]  goods that are intended to be used and then replaced consumables such as printing paper
Examples from the Corpus
consumablesEach system is a complete package including hardware, software and consumables.Its usefulness presupposed markets where the lord's agents, or the beneficiaries of lordly gifts, could exchange it for consumables.He will be using our facilities, but will pay for consumables.We may be seeing a reflection of a more widespread export of consumables.Liaise with Stationery on the fulfilment of consumables requests, jointly monitor issues, and advise on stock levels and suppliers.A detailed list of consumables is given.Please do not telephone the Computer Support Officer or myself for assistance or consumables.Answer guide: Some useful examples are high technology v. more traditional industries, retail consumables v. furniture retailers.
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