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consumer confidence

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consumer confidenceconˌsumer ˈconfidence noun [uncountable]  PEthe level of people’s satisfaction with the economic situation, which is shown by how much money they spend Consumer confidence reached an all-time low in September.
Examples from the Corpus
consumer confidenceThe trends in both retail sales and consumer confidence are positive, the report said.With exports flagging, Thaksin wants to boost consumer confidence and spending.Mr Major has already discovered that repossessions and defaults cost the government money as well as damaging consumer confidence and financial institutions.The Conference Board's index of consumer confidence also fell, for the third month running, reaching a two-year low.In a separate report, the Conference Board, a research group, said consumer confidence dropped sharply in January.Some analysts cited shaky consumer confidence as a reason for the overall dismal sales.The report shows consumer confidence dipping to levels not seen since the severe 1981-82 recession.The government said today that consumer confidence in December plumbed its lowest level ever since consumer surveys started, in January 1987.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconsumer confidenceconˌsumer ˈconfidence1ECONOMICSthe feeling that people have about the economic situation in a country, which is shown in how much money they are willing to spendConsumer confidence fell for a third month in a row in October amid fears over jobs and the economy.2the feeling that people have that they can trust a particular type of product, or a companyConsumer confidence in food safety in the UK has been badly hit by a series of food scares. confidence
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