Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: consumptio, from consumere; CONSUME


con‧sump‧tion W3 [uncountable]

amount used

the amount of energy, oil, electricity etc that is used [↪ consume]
energy/fuel etc consumption
dramatic rises in fuel consumption
Vigorous exercise increases oxygen consumption.


a) formal the act of eating or drinking [↪ consume]
consumption of
The consumption of alcohol on the premises is forbidden.
fit/unfit for human consumption (=safe or not safe to eat)
The meat was declared unfit for human consumption.
b) the amount of a substance that people eat, drink, smoke etc
alcohol/tobacco/caffeine etc consumption
The Government wants to reduce tobacco consumption by 40%.


PE the act of buying and using products [↪ consume, consumer]:
art intended for mass consumption (=to be bought, seen etc by lots of people)
China's austerity program has cut domestic consumption (=when products are bought in the country where they were produced).
conspicuous consumption (=when people buy expensive products to prove they are rich)

for general/public/private etc consumption

intended to be heard or read only by a particular group of people:
figures that are not for public consumption
5MI old-fashioned tuberculosis

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