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contaminatedcon‧tam‧i‧nat‧ed /kənˈtæmɪneɪtɪd/ adjective  HCHBwater, food etc that is contaminated has had a harmful substance added to ittaintedcontaminated food/blood/water supplies etc The infection was traced to contaminated food.see thesaurus at dirty
Examples from the Corpus
contaminatedThe soil around the plant is heavily contaminated.Surely she accepts that the Government were right to provide compensation for haemophiliacs who became infected through contaminated blood factor 8.But it later emerged that the first of three contaminated cargoes arrived on October 5.contaminated drinking waterIt arises when an immune animal is suddenly exposed to a massive larval challenge, usually from a heavily contaminated field.The virus is spread through contact with contaminated food and water.No one knows whether the area is contaminated or not.When whales eat contaminated prey, organochlorines go first to the digestive system, and are then deposited in fatty tissues.Bioremediation appears to be a very attractive, and in many cases a cost-effective way of cleaning up many contaminated sites.He foresees truck-mounted accelerator X-ray units being driven to contaminated sites.Contaminated water leaked from the nuclear reactor.Several people became ill after eating hamburger meat contaminated with the E.coli bacteria.contaminated food/blood/water supplies etcVoice over It's the same bug that contaminated water supplies in the Swindon and Oxford areas 4 years ago.
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